Song Lyrics

Part of the fun of a live anison concert is not only getting to enjoy the performance, but also getting to enjoy it with a crowd of others who have known and loved these songs for years.

An anison concert invariably becomes a sing-along. Some songs have portions where the audience usually joins in. Other songs have lines that are sung only by the crowd. And a memorable few--the most cherished anime songs of all--are sung in their entirety by performers and fans alike, with some pockets of practiced fans even supplying harmony.

If you haven't already been singing a song for the last 20 years--and even if you have!--the best way to prepare is to know the words. Here are the romanized lyrics for anime songs that have been performed at past concerts and are likely to appear again. (Wherever possible, a link to a YouTube clip of a live performance of the song has also been included.) Portions of the lyrics in gold are those where the audience usually joins in, and a portion of the lyrics in gold within brackets [like this] is something that just the crowd if you don't have much time for memorizing, simply go for the gold!

Many many many more ANIME and TOKUSATSU SONGS to come!


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