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Starting in 2004, I've spent each birthday on a day-long quest, trying to set a new personal best for the number of anime songs sung at karaoke (the entire song, natch, not just one verse). The marathon is gruelling, but it's also a unique way to reflect on life, with the songs evoking a steady stream of memories from throughout the nearly three decades that I've been a fan. And at marathon's end, there's the satisfaction of having achieved something new.

In 2004, getting through 142 anime songs had been gruelling; not a fun experience, but something I took some pride in having been able to do. In 2005, the goal was 150--and this time it was actually fun, especially with a new karaoke system, UGA, offering a couple thousand more anime songs than the previous year's CyberDAM system (including some of my longtime favorites that only UGA seems to have!).

After #145, it was time to think about the final five songs...but I'd started from the back of the catalog and there were still several pages to go, with a slew of fun songs I hated to skip. Sooo, figured what the heck--63 is my lucky number, so changed the goal to 163, and spent the final hour tickled silly that a voice was still coming out!

One-Fifty Fest--At First...!

6/13(-14)/2005, 12:30pm-1:21am, Karaoke-kan Manekineko Tatebayashi, UGA system

Song (SERIES/MOVIE, op= opening theme, end=ending theme, ins=insert song or character song)Score (1-100)
12:30pm 1. "Change The World" (INUYASHA op)91
2. "Fukai Mori" (INUYASHA end)90
3. "Circus Game" (IGAINO KABAMARU op)89
4. "Ginga No Seishun" (DAIRUGGER XV op)94
5. "Caravel Farewell -Susume Going Merry-go-" (ONE PIECE ins)93
6. "We Are!" (ONE PIECE op)89
7. "Watashi Ga Iru Yo" (ONE PIECE end)90
8. "Taiyou Wa Shinanai" (WAGA SEISHUN NO ARCADIA movie)93
9. "Waga Seishun No Arcadia" (WAGA SEISHUN NO ARCADIA movie)96
10. "Oretachi No Funade" (MUGEN KIDOU SSX op)93
11. "Harlock No Ballad" (MUGEN KIDOU SSX end)90
12. "Uchuu No Ooja! God Mars" (GOD MARS op)92
13. "Ginga Ni Hitori" (GOD MARS ins)95
14. "Senshi No Uta" (GOD MARS ins)95
15. "Ai No Kinjitou" (GOD MARS end)92
16. "Honoo No Takaramono" (LUPIN III CAGLIOSTRO CASTLE movie)91
17. "Sexy Adventure" (LUPIN III PART 3 op)91
18. "Lupin III Sono 2" (LUPIN III end)96
19. "Lupin III Sono 1" (LUPIN III op)92
20. "Lupin III No Theme" (LUPIN III op)84
21. "Super Hero" (LUPIN III ins)86
22. "Love Is Everything" (LUPIN III ins)90
23. "Lupin III Ai No Theme" (LUPIN III end)91
24. "Love Squall" (LUPIN III end)89
25. "UFO Senshi Dai Apollon" (DAI APOLLON op)87
2:31pm 26. "Tobe! Grendizer" (GRENDIZER op)89
27. "Uchuu No Ooja Grendizer" (GRENDIZER end)90
28. "Yuusha Raideen" (YUUSHA RAIDEEN op)88
29. "Ikou Yo Akira" (YUUSHA RAIDEEN ins)89
30. "Ore Wa Akira Da" (YUUSHA RAIDEEN end)88
31. "Kita No Ookami Minami No Tora" (YAKYUKYOU NO UTA end)91
32. "Ai No Inochi" (BE FOREVER YAMATO movie)91
33. "Omokageboshi" (BE FOREVER YAMATO movie)94
34. "Hoshi No Pendant" (BE FOREVER YAMATO movie)92
35. "Ginga Densetsu" (BE FOREVER YAMATO movie)89
36. "Ai Yo Sono Hi Made" (BE FOREVER YAMATO movie)87
37. "Yamato Yo Towa Ni" (SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO III end)90
38. "Mononoke Hime" (MONONOKE HIME movie)85
39. "Sora Kara Koboreta Story" (MEITANTEI HOLMES op)90
40. "Senakagoshi Ni Sentimental" (MEGAZONE 2-3 ova)93
41. "Himitsu Kudasai" (MEGAZONE 2-3 PART 2 ova)94
42. "Mune Ga Dokidoki" (MEITANTEI CONAN op)87
43. "Step By Step" (MEITANTEI CONAN end)92
44. "Hikari To Kage No Roman" (MEITANTEI CONAN end)88
45. "Dartanias No Uta" (DARTANIAS op)93
46. "Yuke! Zambot 3" (ZAMBOT 3 op)87
47. "Midnight Submarine" (URASHIMAN op)88
48. "Crystal Knights Necrime" (URASHIMAN ins)90
49. "Microid S" (MICROID S op)93
50. "Tottemo Umanami" (MAKIBAOU end)90
4:17pm 51. "Run! Run! Run!" (ONE PIECE end)81
52. "Mazin Kenzan!!" (MAZINKAISER: SHITO! ANKOKU DAI SHOGUN ova)86
53. "Mazinger Z" (MAZINGER Z op)91
54. "Z No Theme" (MAZINGER Z ins)95
55. "Yuzurenai Negai" (RAYEARTH op)91
56. "Honoo No Tenkousei" (HONOO NO TENKOUSEI ova)88
57. "Bara Wa Utsukushiku Chiru" (ROSE OF VERSAILLES op)93
58. "Heart Of Madness" (HOKUTO NO KEN movie)93
59. "Ai O Torimodose!!" (HOKUTO NO KEN op)86
60. "Blue Water" (NADIA op)91
61. "Tatakae! Go Lion" (GO LION op)90
62. "Haruka ~Sailing For My Dream~" (B'T X op)88
63. "Hi No Tori" (HI NO TORI ova)89
64. "Babel II" (BABEL II op)89
65. "Melissa" (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST op)91
66. "Shinobi No Theme" (NINJA KAMUI GAIDEN op)95
67. "Dreamy My Love" (GOD MAZINGER op)95
68. "Toki No Yuuwaku" (GOD MAZINGER end)93
69. "Roller Hero Muteking" (MUTEKING op)88
70. "Tonari No Totoro" (TOTORO movie)85
71. "Love Chaser" (DR. SLUMP movie)80
72. "Chikyuu Ni I Love You" (DORVACK op)94
73. "Kimi Ni Okuru Lullabye" (DORVACK end)94
74. "Tate! Toushou Daimos" (DAIMOS op)86
75. "Yakusoku Wa Iranai"(ESCAFLOWNE op)94
6:14pm 76. "Kimi O Nosete" (LAPUTA movie)90
77. "Cosmos Ni Kimi To" (IDEON end)95
78. "Fukkatsu No Ideon" (IDEON op)93
79. "Kaze No Mirai He" (DA GARN op)89
80. "Devilman No Uta" (DEVILMAN op)87
81. "Kyou Mo Dokokade Devilman" (DEVILMAN end)89
82. "Terra He...Coming Home To Terra" (TERRA HE movie)89
83. "Ai No Planet ~All We Need Is Love~" (TERRA HE movie)93
84. "Tetsuwan Atom" (TETSUWAN ATOM op)90
85. "Tetsujin 28-go" (TETSUJIN 28 op)83
86. "Macross" (MACROSS op)89
87. "Runner" (MACROSS end)90
88. "Tenshi No E No Gu" (MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE movie)91
89. "Ai Yo Far Away" (DANCOUGAR op)94
90. "Hoshi No Stranger" (CHOUJIN LOCKE movie)92
91. "Voltes V No Uta" (VOLTES V op)91
92. "Chichi O Motomete" (VOLTES V end)93
93. "ComBattler V No Theme" (COMBATTLER V op)88
94. "Heats" (CHANGE! GETTA ROBO ova)86
95. "Hyouryuu ~Sky Hurricane~" (ORGUSS op)82
96. "Kokoro Wa Gypsy" (ORGUSS end)87
97. "Hoshi No Deja Vu" (SOUTHERN CROSS op)92
98. "Touch" (TOUCH op)91
99. "Turn A Turn" (TURN A GUNDAM op)93
100. "Saraba Yasashiki Hibi Yo" (DOUGRAM op)94
7:59pm 101. "Before Dawn" (ONE PIECE end)90
102. "Taiyou No Shisha Tetsujin 28-go" (TETSUJIN 28 op)88
103. "Tiger Mask" (TIGER MASK op)90
104. "Shippuu Xabungle" (XABUNGLE op)89
105. "Honoo No Sadame" (VOTOMS op)88
106. "Go Shogun Hasshinseyo" (GO SHOGUN op)90
107. "Pegasus Fantasy" (SAINT SEIYA op)88
108. "Dunbine Tobu" (DUNBINE op)85
109. "Cobra" (SPACE COBRA op)92
110. "Cosmos Dream ~Uchuu O Kakeru Yume~" (QUEEN OF 1000 YEARS op)88
111. "Zankokuna Tenshi No Thesis" (EVANGELION op)86
112. "Rhythm Emotion" (GUNDAM WING op)87
113. "Wild Wing" (GUNDAM WING ins)85
114. "Zangou No Hitsugi" (GODANNAR end)84
115. "Shounen Kenya" (SHOUNEN KENYA movie)84
116. "Savannah O Koete" (JUNGLE TAITEI op)88
117. "Ikari No Juushin" (JUUSHIN RYGAR op)89
118. "L-Gaim ~Time For L-Gaim~" (L-GAIM op)83
119. "Sailing Mirai He" (SUBMARINE SUPER 99 op)90
120. "Saikyou Robo Daiooja" (DAIOOJA op)92
121. "Taga Tame Ni" (CYBORG 009 op)91
122. "Mechanical Dancing Fight" (GOLD LIGHTAN end)87
123. "Stiff Breeze" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI ins)87
124. "The Clouds Break" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI ins)90
125. "Infinity" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI ins)91
10:01pm 126. "Getta Robo!" (GETTA ROBO)85
127. "Ginga Shippu Sasuraigar" (SASURAIGAR op)89
128. "Ginga Reppu Baxingar" (BAXINGAR op)88
129. "Ginga Sempuu Brygar" (BRYGAR op)86
130. "Abayo Fly Bye" (BRYGAR ins)89
131. "Ginga Tetsudou 999" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 op)91
132. "Aoi Chikyuu" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 end)93
133. "Nagareboshi Gin" (GINGA op)90
134. "On The Wing" (LENSMAN op)90
135. "Cutey Honey" (CUTEY HONEY op)84
136. "Ai Senshi" (GUNDAM II movie)89
137. "Suna No Juujika" (GUNDAM I movie)96
138. "Meguri Ai" (GUNDAM III movie)88
139. "Kishin Douji Zenki" (ZENKI op)81
140. "Men Of Destiny" (GUNDAM 0083 ova)87
141. "Technoboyger" (TECHNOBOYGER op)91
142. "Uchuu Wa Hitotsu" (TECHNOBOYGER end)89
143. "Ashita Yume Mite" (GATCHAMAN II end)92
144. "Uchuu Wa Taihen Da!" (URUSEI YATSURA end)90
145. "Ashita Ni Ikiro Baldios" (BALDIOS op)89
146. "Umi No Toriton" (TORITON op)95
147. "Uchuu Majin Daikengou No Uta" (DAIKENGOU op)95
148. "Yamato No Fu ~Wadatsumi~" (FINAL YAMATO movie)95
149. "Kodai (Ore) To Yamato" (FINAL YAMATO movie)93
150. "Ashita No Joe ~Utsukushiki Ookami-tachi~" (ASHITA NO JOE movie)92
12:14am 151. "Harukana Tomo Yo" (SRUNGLE end)95
152. "Fighting On" (SRUNGLE op)88
153. "Ashita No Joe" (ASHITA NO JOE op)90
154. "Hateshinaki Yami No Kanata Ni" (ASHITA NO JOE 2 end)93
155. "Ashita No Joe 2 No Theme ~Ashita He No Sakebi~" (ASHITA NO JOE 2 movie)88
156. "Seishun No Period ~Joe...Forever~" (ASHITA NO JOE 2 movie)90
157. "Captain Harlock" (CAPTAIN HARLOCK op)89
158. "Mukashi Mukashi" (CAPTAIN HARLOCK ins)93
159. "Waga Tomo Waga Inochi" (CAPTAIN HARLOCK ins)92
160. "Don't Stop! Carry On!" (VICTORY GUNDAM end)91
161. "Winners Forever" (VICTORY GUNDAM end)88
162. "Yamato!! Aratanaru Tabidachi" (YAMATO NEW JOURNEY movie)92
163. "Uchuu Senkan Yamato" (SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO op)91

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