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Starting in 2004, I've spent each birthday on a day-long quest, trying to set a new personal best for the number of anime songs sung at karaoke (the entire song, natch, not just one verse). The marathon is gruelling, but it's also a unique way to reflect on life, with the songs evoking a steady stream of memories from throughout the nearly three decades that I've been a fan. And at marathon's end, there's the satisfaction of having achieved something new.

After all the difficulty reaching last year's 175-song goal, I really wasn't sure singing 200 songs would even be physically possible. But armed this time with VC-3000 lemon throat-soothing candies to take every 25 songs, I started on the long haul--and gradually realized that I was armed with something else that I hadn't had before: two gears for singing, not just one. By singing some songs as I usually do, and others from the deeper "jigoe" that MIQ has been teaching me how to access, that divided the work, and my voice actually held up through all 202 songs--200 plus two for luck! (The rest of me wasn't doing so well, having stood through almost all of the thing, and the back of my mouth started having weird pains around song 191...but hey, survived it!)

One other thing I did differently this time was to nurse a mug of beer through the last 50 songs, after drinking cola and tea. At an anime karaoke get-together last weekend, a friend mentioned that beer is supposed to be the best thing to drink when singing. I'm a believer now--not only got through the 202, but averaged 91.031 on the marathon's last 102 songs after averaging 90.807 on its first 100!

More than in any of the past three marathons, this one was shaped by the events of the past year. There was a Kentarou Haneda section, and most of the songs from the TV Champion anison contest stage (sorry, "Hare Hare Yukai" gives me hives...), and songs sung at Utau-zo and MoJoMoJo Nodo Jiman, and songs worked on in MIQ's class--and "Gyakuten Ippatsuman," which Masayuki Yamamoto sang at Anime Fes Japan's Super Anison Spirits concert last August. After its second verse, Yamamoto-sensei had surprised us by announcing he'd just written a third verse in memory of my favorite voice actor, "Ippatsuman" narrator Hirotaka Suzuoki, who'd passed away the previous week. The new verse was also in memory of Kei Tomiyama, the voice of Ippatsuman and so many other anime heroes, who'd been claimed by cancer in 1995. Tears were everywhere, and the passion was so tremendous when we all roared the "Sa!"s in the chorus, just remembering it got me weepy all over again.

This time a year ago, I never could have dreamed what all would happen before the next marathon. Each year I'll just keep trying to sing more songs, to make more time for the memories!

The Haul To Two Hundred!

6/13(-14)/2007, 12:28pm-5:04am, Karaoke-kan Manekineko Tatebayashi, Joysound system

Song (SERIES/MOVIE, op= opening theme, end=ending theme, ins=insert song or character song)Score (1-100)
12:28pm1. "Kodoku No Tabiji -Lonely Journey-" (GO VARIAN op)89.878
2. "Koutetsu Jeeg No Uta" (KOUTETSU JEEG op)90.463
3. "Blaze Away" (EYESHIELD 21 end)84.838
4. "Melos No You Ni -Lonely Way-" (SPT LAYZNER op)87.691
5. "Akuukan Daisakusen No Theme" (SRUNGLE op)92.443
6. "Fighting On" (SRUNGLE op)91.443
7. "Ashita No Joe -Utsukushiki Ookami-tachi-" (ASHITA NO JOE movie)91.581
8. "Kizudarake Eikou" (ASHITA NO JOE 2 op)91.355
9. "Hateshinaki Yami No Kanata Ni" (ASHITA NO JOE 2 end)92.053
10. "Change The World" (INUYASHA op)90.224
11. "Captain Harlock" (CAPTAIN HARLOCK op)94.098
12. "Warera No Tabidachi" (CAPTAIN HARLOCK end)88.100
13. "Tekkaman No Uta" (TEKKAMAN op)95.095
14. "Uchuu No Otoko Raigaa" (DAIKENGOU end)93.125
15. "8-Man No Uta" (8-MAN op)86.729
16. "Ougon Senshi Gold Lightan" (GOLD LIGHTAN op)92.166
17. "Mechanical Dancing Fight" (GOLD LIGHTAN end)91.770
18. "Koisuru Kimochi Wa Donuts No Naka" (STARZANS end)92.276
19. "Gaiking" (GAIKING LEGEND OF DAIKUU MARYUU op)92.529
20. "Technoboyger" (TECHNOBOYGER op)89.197
21. "Uchuu Wa Hitotsu" (TECHNOBOYGER end)93.700
22. "Gatchaman No Uta" (GATCHAMAN op)94.513
23. "Taose! Gallactor" (GATCHAMAN end)89.785
24. "Warera Gatchaman" (GATCHAMAN II op)91.802
2:39pm 25. "Ashita Yume Mite" (GATCHAMAN II end)85.217
26. "Gatchaman Fighter" (GATCHAMAN FIGHTER op)91.455
27. "Pure Stone" (ZILLION op)88.712
28. "Attack No. 1 No Uta" (ATTACK NO. 1 op)88.685
29. "Oshiete" (HEIDI op)86.705
30. "Grand Prix No Taka" (ARROW EMBLEM GRAND PRIX NO TAKA op)91.068
31. "Circus Game" (IGAINO KABAMARU op)90.559
32. "Tonchin Kanchin Ikkyuu-san" (IKKYUU-SAN op)85.871
33. "Uchuu Majin Daikengou No Uta" (DAIKENGOU op)91.696
34. "Umi No Toriton" (UMI NO TORITON op)91.480
35. "Uchuu Wa Taihen Da!" (URUSEI YATSURA end)92.057
36. "F" (F op)87.762
37. "Kanashimi No Destiny" (AREA 88 ova)91.839
38. "King Gainer Over!" (OVERMAN KING GAINER op)91.746
39. "Show Me Your Space -Kimi No Uchuu O Misete-" (STARZANS op)93.101
40. "The Real Folk Blues" (COWBOY BEBOP end)92.854
41. "Kamui No Ken" (KAMUI NO KEN movie)90.273
42. "Galient World" (GALIENT op)92.632
43. "Ginga No Seishun" (DAIRUGGER XV op)94.588
44. "Yume Iro Chaser" (DRAGONAR op)93.330
45. "Starlight Serenade" (DRAGONAR end)88.890
46. "Ushinawareta Yume O Motomete" (MOSPEADA op)88.935
47. "Blue Rain" (MOSPEADA end)83.331
48. "Kishin Douji Zenki" (ZENKI op)89.478
49. "Toki No Musoubana" (MOEYO KEN op)93.530
4:35pm 50. "Tobe! Gundam" (GUNDAM op)91.038
51. "Eien Ni Amuro" (GUNDAM end)90.676
52. "Suna No Juujika" (GUNDAM I movie)94.010
53. "Kaze Ni Hitori De (GUNDAM II movie)94.970
54. "Ai Senshi" (GUNDAM II movie)92.789
55. "Beginning" (GUNDAM III movie)94.730
56. "Meguri Ai" (GUNDAM III movie)89.707
57. "Z -Toki O Koete-" (ZETA GUNDAM op)95.872
58. "Hoshizora No Believe" (ZETA GUNDAM end)88.024
59. "Mizu No Hoshi He Ai O Komete" (ZETA GUNDAM op)95.287
60. "Anime Ja Nai -Yume O Wasureta Furui Chikyuujin Yo-" (GUNDAM ZZ op)91.437
61. "Winners Forever -Shourisha Yo-" (VICTORY GUNDAM end)92.472
62. "Don't Stop! Carry On!" (VICTORY GUNDAM end)90.691
63. "Just Communication" (GUNDAM WING op)90.026
64. "Rhythm Emotion" (GUNDAM WING op)88.296
65. "Mind Education" (GUNDAM WING: BLIND TARGET op)89.353
66. "White Reflection" (GUNDAM WING: ENDLESS WALTZ ova)89.969
67. "Wild Wing" (GUNDAM WING img)89.688
68. "Dreams" (GUNDAM X op)88.353
69. "Flying In The Sky" (G GUNDAM op)86.333
70. "Eien No Tobira" (GUNDAM 08 MS TEAM MILLER'S REPORT ova)89.634
71. "Men Of Destiny" (GUNDAM 0083 ova)88.488
72. "Eternal Wind -Hohoemi Wa Hikaru Kaze No Naka-" (GUNDAM F91 movie)88.243
73. "Turn A Turn" (TURN A GUNDAM op)92.834
74. "Tsuki No Mayu" (TURN A GUNDAM end)87.872
6:46pm 75. "Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni" (GUNDAM SEED end)89.301
76. "Gyakuten Ippatsuman" (IPPATSUMAN op)89.077
77. "Cat's Eye" (CAT'S EYE op)89.888
78. "Derringer" (CAT'S EYE op)92.305
79. "Yume No Funanori" (CAPTAIN FUTURE op)90.582
80. "Candy Candy" (CANDY CANDY op)94.529
81. "Cutey Honey" (CUTEY HONEY op)92.054
82. "Yuke Yuke Hyuuma" (KYOJIN NO HOSHI op)91.255
83. "Ginga Shippu Sasuraigar" (SASURAIGAR op)94.121
84. "Ginga Sempuu Brygar" (BRYGAR op)86.934
85. "Taiyou No Kora" (BRYGAR ins)88.916
86. "Abayo Fly Bye" (BRYGAR ins)91.242
87. "Sasurai Kid" (BRYGAR end)89.824
88. "Ginga Reppu Baxingar" (BAXINGAR op)89.109
89. "Asteroid Blues" (BAXINGAR end)90.921
90. "Ginga Tetsudou 999" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 op)91.909
91. "Aoi Chikyuu" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 end)91.824
92. "Taking Off!" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 movie)90.173
93. "The Galaxy Express 999" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 movie)95.103
94. "Nagareboshi Gin" (GINGA op)92.567
95. "Hello Vifam" (VIFAM op)89.106
96. "Kinnikuman Go Fight!" (KINNIKUMAN op)93.525
97. "Kinnikuman Sensation" (KINNIKUMAN op)88.640
98. "Honoo No Kinnikuman" (KINNIKUMAN op)90.119
99. "Ore Wa Great Mazinger" (GREAT MAZINGER op)92.544
8:39pm 100. "Yuusha Wa Mazinger" (GREAT MAZINGER end)91.725
101. "Getta Robo!" (GETTA ROBO op)89.766
102. "Gattai! Getta Robo" (GETTA ROBO end)87.362
103. "Fumetsu No Machine Getta Robo" (GETTA ROBO G end)89.807
104. "Getta Robo Gou" (GETTA ROBO GOU op)88.105
105. "Genshi Shounen Ryuu" (GENSHI SHOUNEN RYUU op)93.323
106. "For Real" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI op)90.598
107. "Still Time" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI op)90.092
108. "Tightrope" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI end)94.458
109. "Alone" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI end)94.031
110. "Open Up Your Mind" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI ins)90.222
111. "Freedom" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI img)92.439
112. "Game" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI img)88.607
113. "Infinity" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI img)92.673
114. "Tightrope" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI: REQUIEM movie)88.808
115. "Kousoku Denjin Albegas" (ALBEGAS op)91.278
116. "Toki No Yuuwaku" (GOD MAZINGER end)90.830
117. "Yukuze! Goudamu" (GOWAPPA 5 GOUDAMU op)89.970
118. "Cyborg 009" (CYBORG 009 op)90.595
119. "Tatakai Owatte" (CYBORG 009 end)92.793
120. "Taga Tame Ni" (CYBORG 009 op)94.737
121. "Itsu No Hi Ka" (CYBORG 009 end)88.538
122. "Baribari Saikyou No. 1" (JIGOKU SENSEI NUUBE op)88.607
123. "Kagayaku Hitomi -Bright Eyes-" (GIANT GORG op)90.977
124. "Savannah O Koete" (JUNGLE TAITEI op)94.729
10:38pm 125. "Kiseki No Juushin" (JUUSHIN RYGAR op)89.967
126. "L-Gaim -Time For L-Gaim-" (L-GAIM op)92.443
127. "Shounen Kenya" (SHOUNEN KENYA movie)90.705
128. "Zankokuna Tenshi No Thesis" (EVANGELION op)92.706
129. "Tatakae! Casshan" (CASSHAN op)91.681
130. "Cosmos Dream -Uchuu O Kakeru Yume-" (QUEEN OF 1000 YEARS op)92.723
131. "Cobra" (SPACE COBRA op)93.470
132. "Dunbine Tobu" (DUNBINE op)93.442
133. "Pegasus Fantasy" (SAINT SEIYA op)92.369
134. "Eien Blue" (SAINT SEIYA end)93.661
135. "Soldier Dream -Saint Shinwa-" (SAINT SEIYA op)91.942
136. "Go Shogun Hasshinseyo" (GO SHOGUN op)92.049
137. "Namida No Housoku" (GO SHOGUN ins)92.527
138. "Shippuu Xabungle" (XABUNGLE op)94.093
139. "Get It!" (XABUNGLE GRAFFITI movie)89.136
140. "Honoo No Sadame" (VOTOMS op)92.822
141. "Tiger Mask" (TIGER MASK op)95.146
142. "Saraba Yasashiki Hibi Yo" (DOUGRAM op)91.567
143. "Touch" (TOUCH op)87.602
144. "Heats" (CHANGE! GETTA ROBO ova)89.972
145. "Hoshi No Deja Vu" (SOUTHERN CROSS op)92.040
146. "Hoshi No Stranger" (CHOUJIN LOCKE movie)93.788
147. "Voltes V No Uta" (VOLTES V op)88.106
148. "ComBattler V No Theme" (COMBATTLER V op)91.402
149. "Devilman No Uta" (DEVILMAN op)91.899
150. "Kyou Mo Dokokade Devilman" (DEVILMAN end)90.192
151. "Yakusoku Wa Iranai" (ESCAFLOWNE op)91.104
152. "Kimi O Nosete" (LAPUTA movie)87.086
153. "Fukkatsu No Ideon" (IDEON op)92.121
154. "Cosmos Ni Kimi To" (IDEON end)89.324
155. "Tate! Toushou Daimos" (DAIMOS op)88.687
156. "Chikyuu Ni I Love You" (DORVACK op)91.269
157. "Dokonjou Gaeru" (DOKONJOU GAERU op)83.340
158. "Tonari No Totoro" (TOTORO movie)89.307
159. "Makafushigina Adventure!" (DRAGON BALL op)92.438
160. "Roller Hero Muteking" (MUTEKING op)88.513
161. "Shouri Da! Big Sightron" (NURSE WITCH KOMUGI-CHAN ins)91.588
162. "Love Survivor" (TOBIKAGE op)93.161
163. "Shinobi No Theme" (NINJA KAMUI GAIDEN op)88.507
164. "Melissa" (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST op)93.560
165. "Patalliro!" (PATALLIRO! op)86.849
166. "Babel II" (BABEL II op)90.665
167. "Haruka -Sailing For My Dream-" (B'T X op)89.675
168. "Tatakae! Go Lion" (GO LION op)93.727
169. "Blue Water" (NADIA op)88.069
170. "Bara Wa Utsukushiku Chiru" (ROSE OF VERSAILLES op)89.656
171. "Moonlight Densetsu" (SAILOR MOON op)87.856
172. "Ai O Torimodose!" (HOKUTO NO KEN op)87.657
173. "Wild Challenger" (BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO op)91.074
174. "Yuzurenai Negai" (RAYEARTH op)90.555
175. "Butchigiri Battlehackers" (MACHINE ROBO BUTCHIGIRI BATTLEHACKERS op)88.966
176. "Mazinger Z" (MAZINGER Z op)90.996
177. "Sora Tobu Mazinger Z" (MAZINGER Z VS DEVILMAN movie)91.868
178. "Bokura No Mazinger Z" (MAZINGER Z end)90.470
179. "Mazin Kenzan!!" (MAZINKAISER: SHITO! ANKOKU DAI SHOGUN ova)88.889
180. "Hashire Makibaou" (MAKIBAOU op)88.807
181. "Midnight Submarine" (URASHIMAN op)90.332
182. "Macross" (MACROSS op)92.926
183. "Runner" (MACROSS end)89.280
184. "Takarajima" (TAKARAJIMA op)89.766
185. "Ashita Ni Ikiro Baldios" (BALDIOS op)96.060
186. "Asu He No Toushi" (RING NI KAKERO op)90.633
187. "UFO Senshi Dai Apollon" (DAI APOLLON op)86.871
188. "Uchuu No Ooja Grendizer" (GRENDIZER end)90.592
189. "Uchuu No Ooja! God Mars" (GOD MARS op)90.797
190. "Yuusha Raideen" (YUUSHA RAIDEEN op)93.763
191. "Lupin III Sono 2" (LUPIN III end)90.025
192. "Sexy Adventure" (LUPIN III PART 3 op)95.537
193. "We Are!" (ONE PIECE op)91.187
194. "Yamato!! Aratanaru Tabidachi" (YAMATO NEW JOURNEY movie)91.133
195. "Yamato Yo Towa Ni" (SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO III end)94.995
196. "Hoshi No Pendant" (BE FOREVER YAMATO movie)90.718
197. "Kodai (Ore) To Yamato" (FINAL YAMATO movie)90.856
198. "Yamato Yori Ai O Komete" (SARABA YAMATO movie)93.507
199. "Makkana Scarf" (SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO end)92.536
200. "Uchuu Senkan Yamato" (SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO op)92.913
201. "Joe No Komoriuta" (ASHITA NO JOE end)89.182
4:59am 202. "Ashita No Joe" (ASHITA NO JOE op)94.989

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