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Starting in 2004, I've spent each birthday on a day-long quest, trying to set a new personal best for the number of anime songs sung at karaoke. The marathon is gruelling, but it's also a unique way to reflect on life, with the songs evoking a steady stream of memories from throughout the nearly three decades that I've been a fan. And at marathon's end, there's the satisfaction of having achieved something new.

After last year's Haul To 200, MIQ was horrified to hear about the marathon, and told me to not do anything like that again. I mulled it over, and came up with a compromise: I had always sung the entire song, usually two and a half to three verses long--so this time, I would just do the song's first verse. In theory, that should cut the time in half...leaving room to continue to raise the goal. But what should the goal be now?

When I was interviewed for "Hi! Hey! Say!" in February, they were interested in the marathon, and asked if I had proof of having sung 200 anime songs. Proof? Heck, I'd never ask anyone to sit there and listen to me caterwaul for most of a day! But since I had no proof, they couldn't say I had done it. With that in mind, I poked around and found that if you're logged in on Joysound's Utasuki system, it keeps a record of your last 300 songs and what day you sang them. You can also enter up to 200 songs in your account, and start each with the push of a button at your karaoke place of choice; that could save further time in the marathon.

The songs would be from half to a third as long as before. Starting them would take a fraction of the time it did before. Looked like the marathon might be the easiest ever.

So I jumped the goal to 300.

And I sang 300 anime songs (302, actually--one to grow on, and one in case I'd miscounted!), and have proof of it. In that way, the marathon was a success. But this time, part of what I enjoy about doing it was missing.

Singing the entire song gives you a nice chunk of time to think about it. But doing just the first verse, there's barely time to reminisce before having to throw on the brakes. There wasn't much chance to shoehorn in memories.

That threw my focus onto the scores. With just one verse, any mistake is a bigger percentage of the whole, and you're going to be penalized anyway for stopping early. I knew going in that the scores would be lower, and didn't think it would bother me--but after a while, all those scores three points below what I'm used to seeing was getting a little depressing.

And then there are the songs themselves. I hated having to stop early on my favorites. Finally, at almost the marathon's mid-point, in the heat of "Heats" I blew off the one-verse rule and did the whole thing. From then on, if it was a favorite, I sang at least two verses.

In the past, I'd manually entered songs from the printed catalog's anime section that groups them by the series they're from. For me, singing songs that go together adds to the fun--f'rinstance, first the show's opening theme, and some insert songs if available, and then the ending theme. But this time, I had those 200 pre-entered songs, and they came up listed alphabetically...and I made the mistake of starting at the start and going in order, not skipping around to group like with like. After the pre-entered songs were done I went to the catalog, and was sorry I hadn't used it all along; pre-entering had saved time, but made for a disjointed (albeit neatly alphabetized) jumble of songs.

But just as the marathon had problems I hadn't anticipated, it also had some nice new surprises. In mid-afternoon there was a knock at the door, and a staffer entered with a birthday gift of a plate of fresh-made okonomiyaki and best wishes from the crew! There was another knock in early evening, and in came friends Mighty M and Evil Genius JO for a visit with a whopper of a birthday present: the new Medicom RAH 1/6 Kamen Rider Super-1 action doll! Kamen Rider Super-1 has been a favorite of mine ever since hearing a howlingly funny parody version of his theme song at a karaoke party hosted by the Ishinomori Manga Museum a couple years back. I'm blessed to have great friends, and the rest of the night, that darn Super-1 kept making me smile.

Drank cola the first hour, tea until the end of the pre-entered songs, and then beer for the last third of the way. Switching between vocal gears, high and low, I had enough voice to get through the 302 songs (although it was a little tricky starting up again after a half-hour evening break; the high end was clarinet-squeaky for a while), and was tickled to have enough left to sing the final eight songs full-out, in their entirety.

Am really glad to have made it to 300, with proof and all...but it really brought home that there's much more to the marathon than reaching a number. Next year, will be aiming for more fun and more time for memories as part of the goal; that's what it's about!

Hell-Bent for Three Hundred!

6/13(-14)/2008, 12:51pm-3:48am, Karaoke-kan Manekineko Tatebayashi, Joysound system

Song (SERIES/MOVIE, op= opening, end=ending, ins=insert song, img=image song)Score (1-100)
12:51pm 1. "Ai Senshi" (GUNDAM II movie)89.364
2. "Ai No Kinjitou" (GOD MARS end)88.619
3. "Ai Wa Ryuusei" (GUNDAM WING img)91.505
4. "Ai Yo Sono Hi Made" (BE FOREVER YAMATO movie)88.426
5. "Aoi Chikyuu" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 end)89.518
6. "Akuukan Daisakusen No Theme" (SRUNGLE op)91.223
7. "Ashita Ni Ikiro Baldios" (BALDIOS op)88.392
8. "Ashita No Joe -Utsukushiki Ookami-tachi-" (ASHITA NO JOE movie)90.771
9. "Ashita Yume Mite" (GATCHAMAN II end)82.767
10. "Asteroid Blues" (BAXINGAR end)91.810
11. "Asu He No Toushi" (RING NI KAKERO op)88.198
12. "Abayo Fly Bye" (BRYGAR ins)86.885
13. "Arashi No Naka De Kagayaite" (GUNDAM 08 MS TEAM ova)87.049
14. "Alone" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI end)92.276
15. "Ikari No Juushin" (JUUSHIN RYGAR op)90.132
16. "Ijigen Story" (WINGMAN op)87.591
17. "Itsu No Hi Ka" (CYBORG 009 end)87.220
18. "Itsumo Anata Ga" (VOTOMS end)90.034
19. "Infinity" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI img)90.920
20. "Winners" (CYBER FORMULA end)88.727
21. "Wing Area" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI img)90.037
22. "Uchuu No Ooja Grendizer" (GRENDIZER end)90.963
23. "Uchuu No Ooja! God Mars" (GOD MARS op)87.143
24. "Uchuu No Otoko Raigaa" (DAIKENGOU end)88.816
25. "Uchuu No Senshi Starzinger" (STARZINGER op)85.471
26. "Uchuu Wa Taihen Da!" (URUSEI YATSURA end)87.552
27. "Uchuu Wa Hitotsu" (TECHNOBOYGER end)89.462
28. "Uchuu Majin Daikengou No Uta" (DAIKENGOU op)87.159
29. "Eien No Tobira" (GUNDAM 08 MS TEAM MILLER'S REPORT ova)89.634
30. "Eien Blue" (SAINT SEIYA end)91.747
31. "Energy Of Love" (TEKKAMAN BLADE end)88.233
32. "L-Gaim -Time For L-Gaim-" (L-GAIM op)88.183
33. "Angel Voice" (MACROSS DYNAMITE 7 ova)88.072
34. "Ougon Senshi Gold Lightan" (GOLD LIGHTAN op)85.970
35. "Open Up Your Mind" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI ins)88.821
36. "Oretachi No Funade" (MUGEN KIDOU SSX op)88.558
37. "Kodai (Ore) To Yamato" (FINAL YAMATO movie)90.079
38. "Ore Wa Shinzou Ningen" (CASSHAN end)88.104
39. "Gaiking" (GAIKING LEGEND OF DAIKUU MARYUU op)89.633
40. "Kagayaku Hitomi -Bright Eyes-" (GIANT GORG op)86.331
41. "Kaze Ni Hitori De (GUNDAM II movie)89.671
42. "Kaze No No Reply" (L-GAIM op)90.759
43. "Kaze No Mirai He" (DA GARN op)92.556
44. "Gattai! Getta Robo" (GETTA ROBO end)86.227
45. "Gatchaman No Uta" (GATCHAMAN op)89.768
46. "Gatchaman Fighter" (GATCHAMAN FIGHTER op)86.465
47. "Kanashimi No Destiny" (AREA 88 ova)87.728
48. "Kamui No Ken" (KAMUI NO KEN movie)92.118
49. "Come Here! Daitan 3" (DAITAN 3 op)86.298
2:48pm 50. "Galient World" (GALIENT op)88.806
51. "Kawaita Daichi" (XABUNGLE end)90.898
52. "Kishin Douji Zenki" (ZENKI op)86.341
53. "Kiseki No Juushin" (JUUSHIN RYGAR op)89.036
54. "Kita No Ookami Minami No Tora" (YAKYUKYOU NO UTA end)92.968
55. "Kimi Ni Okuru Lullabye" (DORVACK end)87.409
56. "Captain Harlock" (CAPTAIN HARLOCK op)90.151
57. "Kyou Mo Dokokade Devilman" (DEVILMAN end)87.378
58. "Ginga Shippu Sasuraigar" (SASURAIGAR op)88.325
59. "Ginga Tetsudou 999" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 op)90.644
60. "Ginga Densetsu" (BE FOREVER YAMATO movie)89.458
61. "Ginga No Seishun" (DAIRUGGER XV op)88.379
62. "Ginga Reppuu Baxingar" (BAXINGAR op)86.289
63. "King Gainer Over!" (OVERMAN KING GAINER op)89.909
64. "Kinnikuman Go Fight!" (KINNIKUMAN op)86.663
65. "Kinnikuman Sensation" (KINNIKUMAN op)85.425
66. "Good-bye, Lonely Blue" (AREA 88 ova)90.942
67. "Get It!" (XABUNGLE GRAFFITI movie)90.291
68. "Game" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI img)87.993
69. "Genshi Shounen Ryuu" (GENSHI SHOUNEN RYUU op)89.659
70. "Kousoku Denjin Albegas" (ALBEGAS op)90.274
71. "Koutetsu Jeeg No Uta" (KOUTETSU JEEG op)85.815
72. "Kokoro Wa Gypsy" (ORGUSS end)86.348
73. "Go Shogun Hasshinseyo" (GO SHOGUN op)88.033
74. "Cosmos Dream -Uchuu O Kakeru Yume-" (QUEEN OF 1000 YEARS op)88.142
75. "Cosmos Ni Kimi To" (IDEON end)86.737
76. "Kodoku No Tabiji -Lonely Journey-" (GO VARIAN op)86.241
77. "Cobra" (SPACE COBRA op)90.393
78. "Cyborg 009" (CYBORG 009 op)87.486
79. "Circus Game" (IGAINO KABAMARU op)87.179
80. "The Galaxy Express 999" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 movie)88.079
81. "The Clouds Break" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI img)88.371
82. "Sasurai Kid" (BRYGAR end)85.103
83. "Savannah O Koete" (JUNGLE TAITEI op)90.777
84. "Saraba To Wa Iwanai De -We'll Never Say Good-bye-" (CYBORG 009 SUPER GALAXY movie)89.345
85. "Saraba Yasashiki Hibi Yo" (DOUGRAM op)88.524
86. "Zangou No Hitsugi" (GO DANNAR end)92.642
87. "Jetstreams Lullabye" (CYBORG 009 ins)85.640
88. "Toki No Yuuwaku" (GOD MAZINGER end)89.588
89. "Secret Desire" (SPACE COBRA end)90.318
90. "Shinobi No Theme" (NINJA KAMUI GAIDEN op)86.490
91. "10 Oku Kounen No Ai" (CYBORG 009 SUPER GALAXY movie)88.467
92. "Shounen Kenya" (SHOUNEN KENYA movie)87.661
93. "Show Me Your Space -Kimi No Uchuu O Misete-" (STARZANS op)92.499
94. "Shouri Da! Big Sightron" (NURSE WITCH KOMUGI-CHAN ins)87.346
95. "Shinkon Gattai Go Dannar" (GO DANNAR op)88.486
96. "Starlight Shower" (L-GAIM end)85.686
97. "Step By Step" (MEITANTEI CONAN end)90.766
98. "Suna No Juujika" (GUNDAM I movie)89.388
99. "Space Knights No Uta" (TEKKAMAN end)85.202
4:51pm 100. "Space Fantasy" (DIRTY PAIR end)88.103
101. "Seigi No Chounouryoku Shounen" (BABEL II end)85.037
102. "Sailing Mirai He" (SUBMARINE SUPER 99 op)86.060
103. "Sexy Adventure" (LUPIN III PART 3 op)94.858
104. "Z No Theme" (MAZINGER Z ins)87.481
105. "Zendaman No Uta" (ZENDAMAN op)86.806
106. "Sora Kara Koboreta Story" (MEITANTEI HOLMES op)87.642
107. "Sora Tobu Mazinger Z" (MAZINGER Z VS DEVILMAN movie)90.995
108. "Taiyou No Kora" (BRYGAR ins)87.216
109. "Taga Tame Ni" (CYBORG 009 op)91.002
110. "Tatakai Owatte" (CYBORG 009 end)89.308
111. "Tatakae! Casshan" (CASSHAN op)90.266
112. "Tatakae! Go Lion" (GO LION op)84.547
113. "Dash! Hayabusa" (MACHINE HAYABUSA op)87.226
114. "Tate! Toushou Daimos" (DAIMOS op)84.476
115. "Dartanias No Uta" (DARTANIAS op)88.377
116. "Turn A Turn" (TURN A GUNDAM op)90.318
117. "Dunbine Tobu" (DUNBINE op)92.041
118. "Chikyuu Ni I Love You" (DORVACK op)89.621
119. "Tsuki No Mayu" (TURN A GUNDAM end)87.285
120. "Taking Off!" (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 movie)88.831
121. "Daydream Romance" (SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA movie)91.603
122. "Technoboyger" (TECHNOBOYGER op)86.229
123. "Tekkaman No Uta" (TEKKAMAN op)88.803
124. "Terra He...Coming Home To Terra" (TERRA HE movie)90.002
5:51pm 125. "Derringer" (CAT'S EYE op)90.254
126. "Tenshi No Enogu" (MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE movie)89.287
127. "21 Century -Ginga O Koete-" (GO SHOGUN end)90.116
128. "Toki No Etranger" (GO SHOGUN: ETRANGER movie)87.298
129. "Toki No Musoubana" (MOEYO KEN op)88.883
130. "Tottemo Umanami" (MAKIBAOU end)88.297
131. "Tobe! Grendizer" (GRENDIZER op)87.392
132. "Dream City Neo Tokyo" (URASHIMAN end)88.904
133. "Dreams" (GUNDAM X op)87.768
134. "Don't Stop! Carry On!" (VICTORY GUNDAM end)88.270
135. "Nagareboshi Gin" (GINGA op)91.195
136. "Namida No Housoku" (GO SHOGUN ins)91.341
137. "Hashire Makibaou" (MAKIBAOU op)85.262
138. "Hateshinaki Yami No Kanata Ni" (ASHITA NO JOE 2 end)92.099
139. "Shippuu Xabungle" (XABUNGLE op)91.757
140. "Bara Wa Utsukushiku Chiru" (ROSE OF VERSAILLES op)86.757
141. "Harlock No Ballad" (MUGEN KIDOU SSX end)87.996
142. "Hikari No Tenshi -Children Of The Light-" (HARMAGEDDON movie)88.777
143. "Beginning" (GUNDAM III movie)91.827
144. "Hishou -Never End-" (CRUSHER JOE movie)88.672
145. "Heats" (CHANGE! GETTA ROBO ova)88.714
146. "Hi No Tori" (HI NO TORI ova)90.002
147. "Before Dawn" (ONE PIECE end)88.435
148. "Hyouryuu -Sky Hurricane-" (ORGUSS op)89.414
149. "Believe In Me, Believe In You" (GIANT GORG end)90.054
7:44pm 150. "Fighting On" (SRUNGLE op)89.617
151. "For Real" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI op)93.154
152. "Fukkatsu No Ideon" (IDEON op)90.718
153. "Butchigiri Battlehackers" (MACHINE ROBO BUTCHIGIRI BATTLEHACKERS op)87.323
154. "Fumetsu No Machine Getta Robo" (GETTA ROBO G end)88.867
155. "Freedom" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI img)88.034
156. "Hey You" (XABUNGLE ins)88.747
157. "Pegasus Fantasy" (SAINT SEIYA op)89.543
158. "Hoshi No Deja Vu" (SOUTHERN CROSS op)91.050
159. "Hoshi No Pendant" (BE FOREVER YAMATO movie)89.242
160. "Honoo No Kinnikuman" (KINNIKUMAN op)86.892
161. "Honoo No Sadame" (VOTOMS op)87.592
162. "Honoo No Takaramono" (LUPIN III CAGLIOSTRO CASTLE movie)92.028
163. "Honoo No Tenkousei" (HONOO NO TENKOUSEI ova)85.808
164. "Voltes V No Uta" (VOLTES V op)85.562
165. "White Reflection" (GUNDAM WING: ENDLESS WALTZ ova)90.063
166. "Mazinkaiser" (MAZINKAISER img)87.851
167. "Mazinger Z" (MAZINGER Z op)91.234
168. "Mazin Kenzan!!" (MAZINKAISER: SHITO! ANKOKU DAI SHOGUN ova)87.665
169. "Mieru Darou Byston Well" (DUNBINE end)90.062
170. "Microid S" (MICROID S op)86.436
171. "Mizu No Hoshi He Ai O Komete" (ZETA GUNDAM op)92.586
172. "Midnight Submarine" (URASHIMAN op)89.228
173. "Mune Ga Dokidoki" (MEITANTEI CONAN op)87.980
174. "Mechanical Dancing Fight" (GOLD LIGHTAN end)87.957
8:54pm 175. "Meguri Ai" (GUNDAM III movie)88.521
176. "Memories" (ONE PIECE end)90.839
177. "Melos No You Ni -Lonely Way-" (SPT LAYZNER op)89.877
178. "Men Of Destiny" (GUNDAM 0083 ova)89.176
179. "Yukuzo! Goudamu" (GOWAPPA 5 GOUDAMU op)86.486
180. "Yuke! Zambot 3" (ZAMBOT 3 op)87.805
181. "UFO Senshi Dai Apollon" (DAI APOLLON op)86.847
182. "Yume Iro Chaser" (DRAGONAR op)88.970
183. "Yume No Funanori" (CAPTAIN FUTURE op)89.289
184. "Lum No Love Song" (URUSEI YATSURA op)87.172
185. "Rhythm Emotion" (GUNDAM WING op)90.207
186. "Reason" (TEKKAMAN BLADE op)88.112
187. "Lupin III Sono 2" (LUPIN III end)87.461
188. "Leo No Uta" (JUNGLE TAITEI end)92.378
189. "Resolution" (GUNDAM X op)88.348
190. "Ru-ru-ru-russian Roulette" (DIRTY PAIR op)86.506
191. "Wild Wing" (GUNDAM WING img)89.761
192. "Waga Seishun No Arcadia" (WAGA SEISHUN NO ARCADIA movie)86.611
193. "Watashi Ga Iru Yo" (ONE PIECE end)86.643
194. "Warera Gatchaman" (GATCHAMAN II op)88.184
195. "Warera No Tabidachi" (CAPTAIN HARLOCK end)86.258
196. "Blaze Away" (EYESHIELD 21 end)89.449
197. "La Rose Rouge" (SPT LAYZNER end)88.620
198. "Pure Stone" (ZILLION op)89.062
199. "Kizudarake Eikou" (ASHITA NO JOE 2 op)87.045
200. "Midnight Blues" (ASHITA NO JOE 2 op)87.792
201. "Attack No. 1 No Uta" (ATTACK NO. 1 op)86.141
202. "Oshiete" (HEIDI op)83.121
203. "Tonchin Kanchin Ikkyuu-san" (IKKYUU-SAN op)81.856
204. "Change The World" (INUYASHA op)88.223
205. "Fukai Mori" (INUYASHA end)89.355
206. "Umi No Toriton" (UMI NO TORITON op)89.440
207. "8-Man" (8-MAN op)82.329
208. "Starzinger No Uta" (STARZINGER op)86.338
209. "F" (F op)85.140
210. "Wakaki Tabibito" (TSURIKICHI SANPEI op)86.230
211. "Koisuru Kimochi Wa Donuts No Naka" (STARZANS end)87.362
212. "The Real Folk Blues" (COWBOY BEBOP end)90.775
213. "Taose! Gallactor" (GATCHAMAN end)85.995
214. "Bokura No Gatchaman" (GATCHAMAN FIGHTER end)84.927
215. "Starlight Serenade" (DRAGONAR end)90.537
216. "Ushinawareta Yume O Motomete" (MOSPEADA op)90.978
217. "Blue Rain" (MOSPEADA end)86.748
218. "Eien Ni Amuro" (GUNDAM end)89.531
219. "Tobe! Gundam" (GUNDAM op)88.496
220. "Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni" (GUNDAM SEED end)88.137
221. "Anime Ja Nai -Yume O Wasureta Furui Chikyuujin Yo-" (GUNDAM ZZ op)85.546
222. "Eternal Wind -Hohoemi Wa Hikaru Kaze No Naka-" (GUNDAM F91 movie)88.810
223. "Z -Toki O Koete-" (ZETA GUNDAM op)89.040
224. "Hoshizora No Believe" (ZETA GUNDAM end)88.292
225. "Winners Forever -Shourisha Yo-" (VICTORY GUNDAM end)87.618
226. "Flying In The Sky" (G GUNDAM op)86.246
227. "Gyakuten Ippatsuman" (IPPATSUMAN op)87.555
228. "Cat's Eye" (CAT'S EYE op)87.972
229. "Candy Candy" (CANDY CANDY op)86.292
230. "Cutey Honey" (CUTEY HONEY op)88.652
231. "Yuke Yuke Hyuuma" (KYOJIN NO HOSHI op)86.984
232. "Ginga Sempuu Brygar" (BRYGAR op)88.315
233. "Tomorrow" (GINGA end)90.760
234. "Hello Vifam" (VIFAM op)84.749
235. "Tobe! Groizer X" (GROIZER X op)88.441
236. "Ore Wa Great Mazinger" (GREAT MAZINGER op)90.690
237. "Yuusha Wa Mazinger" (GREAT MAZINGER end)89.208
238. "Getta Robo!" (GETTA ROBO op)87.586
239. "Getta Robo Gou" (GETTA ROBO GOU op)89.720
240. "Still Time" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI op)85.941
241. "Tightrope" (GENSOUMADEN SAIYUUKI end)88.699
242. "Wakasa No Formation" (ALBEGAS end)-
243. "Baribari Saikyou No. 1" (JIGOKU SENSEI NUUBE op)86.384
244. "It's Just Love!" (GUNDAM WING end)-
245. "Just Communication" (GUNDAM WING op)87.985
246. "Mind Education" (GUNDAM WING: BLIND TARGET op)87.430
247. "Zankokuna Tenshi No Thesis" (EVANGELION op)90.808
248. "Tamashii No Refrain" (EVANGELION movie)89.550
249. "Through The Night" (OUTLAW STAR op)88.527
250. "Get Wild" (CITY HUNTER end)84.564
251. "Soldier Dream -Saint Shinwa-" (SAINT SEIYA op)86.863
252. "Tiger Mask" (TIGER MASK op)90.976
253. "Takarajima" (TAKARAJIMA op)89.430
254. "Touch" (TOUCH op)88.121
255. "Macross" (MACROSS op)90.370
256. "Runner" (MACROSS end)87.783
257. "Hoshi No Stranger" (CHOUJIN LOCKE movie)91.362
258. "Chichi O Motomete" (VOLTES V end)89.291
259. "ComBattler V No Theme" (COMBATTLER V op)87.072
260. "Ike! ComBattler V" (COMBATTLER V end)87.080
261. "Tetsujin 28-go" (TETSUJIN 28 op)90.325
262. "Tetsuwan Atom" (TETSUWAN ATOM op)89.094
263. "Devilman No Uta" (DEVILMAN op)88.317
264. "Yakusoku Wa Iranai" (ESCAFLOWNE op)88.543
265. "Kimi O Nosete" (LAPUTA movie)88.237
266. "Erika No Ballad" (DAIMOS end)88.403
267. "Wai Wai World" (DR. SLUMP op)86.448
268. "Dokonjou Gaeru" (DOKONJOU GAERU op)83.488
269. "Tonari No Totoro" (TOTORO movie)89.356
270. "Makafushigina Adventure!" (DRAGON BALL op)89.520
271. "Dororo No Uta" (DORORO op)86.472
272. "Roller Hero Muteking" (MUTEKING op)87.343
273. "Love Survivor" (TOBIKAGE op)89.626
274. "Melissa" (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST op)87.423
275. "Patalliro!" (PATALLIRO! op)87.051
276. "Babel II" (BABEL II op)90.343
277. "Haruka -Sailing For My Dream-" (B'T X op)89.673
278. "Moonlight Densetsu" (SAILOR MOON op)89.550
279. "Video Senshi Laserion" (LASERION op)92.224
280. "Blue Water" (NADIA op)86.918
281. "Danzen! Futari Wa Pretty Cure" (PRETTY CURE op)85.265
282. "Yattaman No Uta" (YATTAMAN op)85.446
283. "Ai O Torimodose!" (HOKUTO NO KEN op)89.578
284. "Heart Of Madness" (HOKUTO NO KEN movie)87.633
285. "Tatakae! Ga-Keen" (GA-KEEN op)89.768
286. "Majokko Megu-chan" (MAJOKKO MEGU-CHAN op)88.397
287. "Bokura No Mazinger Z" (MAZINGER Z end)89.592
288. "Mach Go Go Go" (MACH GO GO GO op)89.355
289. "Yuusha Raideen" (YUUSHA RAIDEEN op)91.507
290. "Ore Wa Akira Da" (YUUSHA RAIDEEN op)91.746
291. "Yuzurenai Negai" (RAYEARTH op)89.367
292. "Lupin III No Theme" (LUPIN III op)87.811
293. "Delicate Ni Sukishite" (CREAMY MAMI op)86.023
294. "We Are!" (ONE PIECE op)88.746
295. "Yamato Yo Towa Ni" (SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO III end)91.342
296. "Yamato Yori Ai O Komete" (SARABA YAMATO movie)92.439
297. "Yamato!! Aratanaru Tabidachi" (YAMATO NEW JOURNEY movie)90.986
298. "Makkana Scarf" (SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO end)90.361
299. "Uchuu Senkan Yamato" (SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO op)92.928
300. "Jungle Taitei" (JUNGLE TAITEI op)88.700
301. "Joe No Komoriuta" (ASHITA NO JOE end)85.462
3:43am 302. "Ashita No Joe" (ASHITA NO JOE op)93.158

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